Summer Rates (5/15 - 10/15): $77.25/night.
Check in and out time: 12PM (noon)
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Tutka bay is approx. 10 miles S.W. of the spit, and is certainly one of the most picturesque fjords in the park. The Tutka Lake yurt sits in mature spruce forest on the S. side of the bay, well protected from the day breeze, about 100 yds from the drop-off at the Tutka Lake trailhead. It’s adjacent to a pleasant gravel beach with summer sunset views. Own boaters can find places to anchor not far from the drop-off. Suggested trips: Take a day hike on the Tutka Lake trail to the falls. You’ll walk through dense, old spruce forest, and if you’re lucky enough to time it right, you can pick blueberries as you go. The trail gains elevation very gradually, and ends at a set of beautiful falls about 2.5 miles up the drainage. Look for grouse, woodpeckers and, particularly in fall, black bear. Kayaking in Tutka Bay is also a wonderful and rewarding experience. From this site you can paddle up the bay or into Tutka Bay lagoon to check out the hatchery. At low tide, kayaks are the only way in or out of the lagoon (large tidal changes can create very strong currents here). Kayaking out the mouth of the fjord will bring you to Little Tutka Bay and the Herring Islands. Sea Otters are plentiful in the area, as are native seabirds.